Network Automation

As specialists in systems integration, our expert consultants ensure you enjoy reliable network solutions that are optimized to meet your requirements. To ensure minimal impact on end users, these can be seamlessly  executed  to  meet  your  specific  work  schedules,  allowing  a  smooth  transition  to  new technology.

Network Services

A  reliable  infrastructure  is  key  to  efficient  and  productive  sharing  of  information  within  your organization, whether you need to link to multiple sites, or terminals at a single location.

Security and Anti-Virus Services

As expert integrators, we can also configure anti-virus software, Use net servers, Web Servers, Proxy Servers, and Firewalls on your behalf.  Whether  you  are  new  to  the  Internet  or  already  have  an established  website,  we  can  seamlessly  integrate  your  existing  e-mail  systems,  applications  and databases with your Internet/Intranet capabilities.

The increasing ‘openness’ of networking environments means security must be a major priority to protect  your data from breaches of security, software theft and virus infections. IT Solutions offers comprehensive solutions to security issued for LAN/WAN structures and Internet services.

Cabling Services

Neotrix  has  its  own  cabling  division,  staffed  by  some  of  the  industry’s  most  experienced  cabling consultants. We offer a comprehensive range of cabling services including audit, design, and installation and troubleshooting.

Flexible Support Services

Neotrix  provides  a  complete  range  of  maintenance  and  support  services  tailored  to  your  precise requirements.  With  on  and  off-site  support  available  covering  every  eventuality  from  routine maintenance,  troubleshooting,  hotline  and  helpdesk  functions  to  post-sales  support  such  as  new software  releases and the latest bug fixes, you are assured of prompt and professional service at all times, delivered by qualified and experienced personnel.